ERA work exclusively with Cleversafe into media & broadcast!

cleversafe era news

ERA are pleased to be working with Cleversafe, the leading provider of cost-effective, massively scalable, nearline storage systems designed with superior data protection into the media and broadcast market.

The shift from analog to digital for both content creation and distribution has created challenges for media based companies. Top challenges include delivering to a plethora of distribution channels created by an on-demand model, monetizing the long tail of digital distribution and protecting digital assets as systems swell to the multi-petabyte range.

Media based companies can benefit by adding a disk-based nearline storage tier to their storage architecture because it streamlines accessing, moving and changing large content files. Editors can easily and quickly copy large content files from nearline to online servers for additional production work. Tape libraries still have their place for offline, and serve for deep archive of infrequently accessed assets.


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