Pixit Media

Pixit Media provide highly scalable, efficient and enterprise-ready storage, network and archive solutions for the Post Production and Broadcast industries. Based in the UK and featuring some of the top content creation and distribution facilities in the world, pixitmedia are the perfect partner for the support of file-based workflows of any size.

Featuring Scale-Out Storage, Cloud, WAN Acceleration and Data Management solutions powered by an enhanced version of IBM’s General Parallel File System, pixitmedia architectures are designed to offer consistent, predictable streaming performance and automated asset tiering from disk to desktop and beyond. Interoperable with low-cost commodity server and storage technology from a wide range of hardware manufacturers, pixitmedia frees it’s customer from vendor lock-in and provides a limitless, cost-effective strategic platform for data growth.

Reduced data-sharing complexity and cost.

Expanding your computational resources into the cloud.

The world’s first Data-Aware Software Defined Storage Platform for Media.

The optimum choice of data storage solution for medium sized studios.

Removes the complexities of automatically tiering data to external file, tape and object resources.

where media and IT converge

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