PixCache for Cloud Applications


Expanding your computational resources into the cloud is great way for facilities of any size to compete for projects. However, getting your data to and from the cloud introduces complexity, increasing delivering times and cost.

PixCache for Cloud Application removes this complexity by seamlessly extending your on-premise storage into the cloud.

The Challenge

The allure of cloud computing for applications such as rendering and transcode is significant. At first glance, the ability to instantly ‘spin-up’ large quantities of compute resources in a short period of time appears to be the perfect solution for accelerating large or behind-schedule projects. However, the extra time, complexity and cost involved in moving data back an forth between on-premise storage and cloud resources can leave many content creators frustrated and out of pocket.

The Solution

PixCache for Cloud Applications provides software-defined caching in the cloud for data hosted by your on-premise storage, presenting an in-cloud ‘local’ NAS for computational resources. PixCache presents a complete view of your on-premise storage to cloud instances and automatically caches data on access. This ensures that only the data that is required will be transferred to the cloud. Newly created data in the cloud is asynchronously flushed to your on-premise storage by PixCache as soon as they are written, letting you continue your work before the entire job has even completed.

With PixCache automating the entire data transfer pipeline, reducing the number of copies that must be distributed and ensuring the fastest possible data access times to your cloud instances, content creators will save both time and money. In short, PixCache ensures that your cloud-assisted projects will finish on time and under-budget.

PixCache Features

  • Certified for Microsoft Azure and Google GCP
  • Parallelises transfers to increase throughput between on-premise and cloud
  • Path name mirroring reduces workflow complexity
  • Runs in any CentOS 6/7-based cloud instance
  • Automatically flushes stale data from cache
  • Prefetches data to cache for anticipated access
  • Automatically commits new and changed data back to central storage

PixCache Benefits

  • Allows content creators and distributors to extend their workflows into the cloud quickly and simply
  • Reduces instance running time by self managing the flow of data to and from on-premise storage
  • Provides data affinity to compute instances, ensuring the fastest possible response times
  • Greatly reduces the number of data copies required for job completion
  • Simple NAS interface in the cloud - no additional software required on compute instances
  • Adheres to existing on-premise security practices

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