PixCache for Global Workflows


Pixit Media’s PixCache reduces the data-sharing complexity and cost of multi-site collaborative workflows. Using the same software-defined approach as PixStor, PixCache extends your central storage repositories to anywhere in the world, without hardware lock-in.

Turn your local workforce into a global workforce

PixCache provides software-defined caching of remotely hosted data between isolated storage and compute resources. Achieved without requiring costly proprietary WAN acceleration solutions, PixCache gives you the freedom to apply and extend your workflows to wherever in the world best suits the given operation.

Facilities with geographically dispersed locations are able to share assets, collaborate on content creation and distribute assets between sites, without requiring one-to-one data replication. Users at satellite offices can access the entire centrally-located remote asset repository as if the content was directly on their desktop. Frequently used data is intelligently cached using highly parallelised transfers, while new and changed data is automatically pushed back to the central repository. Best of all, the logical path to data remains the same no matter where in the world the data is, removing the need for customising workflows at each site.

PixCache for Global Workflows

PixCache Features

  • Up to 1,000 caches per PixCache
  • Scalable from 1TB up to PB's of capacity
  • Parallelises transfers to increase WAN utilisation
  • Path name mirroring reduces workflow complexity
  • Software-defined: Runs on most storage and server platforms
  • Automatically flushes older data from cache while retaining metadata
  • Data prefetching to cache for anticipated access
  • Automatically commits new and changed data back to central storage
  • Honours ACLs and extended attributes

PixCache Benefits

  • Enables global workflow expansion with minimal hardware investment
  • Distributes collaborative data to lower cost resource pools
  • Enables utilisation of remote render and transcode resources
  • Provides secure ‘drop-box’ to remove users, eliminating media shipping costs
  • Offers responsive browse of central resources remotely without requiring sync or data transfer

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