Ngenea HSM for PixStor


Ngenea HSM for PixStor from Pixit Media removes the complexities of automatically tiering data to external file, tape and object resources. Future proof and cost-effective, Ngenea HSM allows your PixStor environment to tier to nearly any storage type through a single ingest point while simultaneously tracking costs.

PixStor Tiering to Nearly Any Destination

Ngenea HSM for PixStor removes both the short and long term complexities of tiering data from primary storage to external resources. Rather than adapting primary storage to each new iteration of tape, object or disk technology, Ngenea provides a single, simplified ingest point that automatically manages the flow of data to each tier while still providing seamless access to data for users and applications. This allows organisations to adopt new and lower cost technologies as they become available, without forcing wholesale data migrations from one tier to another. Additionally, users are able to access their data in the same logical location it was initially placed without ever having to ‘hunt’ for their assets across the various tiers.

This combination of features allows the growth of data to be handled cost-effectively over many years while simultaneously increasing user productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Global namespace across primary, object and file-based nearline storage tiers
  • Abstracts all secondary storage tiers into a single ingest point for PixStor, removing complexity
  • Complete data awareness for unprecedented insight into storage usage
  • Find valuable data easily, no matter where it’s located to extract insight and value
  • Blazingly fast on-premises storage supports the most data intensive workloads
  • Reduces storage costs and encourages reuse of existing hardware estate


Unprecedented Data Awareness Across All Tiers

Ngenea HSM for PixStor is provided with a dynamic analytics engine that can be used to find out exactly who, where and how data is being used. This intelligence gives Pixit Media customers the insight required to make the right expansion decisions at the right time, no matter where their data is located. It also enables system administrators and operators to control the growth of data and resource consumption before it becomes critical.

In addition to significant insight into user behaviour and the cost of the overall storage estate, Ngenea analytics also provides a robust reporting mechanism for chargebacks, allowing organisations to easily enforce per-user/per-group and per-project cost models. This capability takes the guess work out of recovering lost revenue streams from users, providing a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the storage usage across all tiers. Costs can be automatically calculated, ensuring the business is charging a correct and fair price to the repository’s stakeholders.

Ngenea HSM for PixStor Benefits:

Simple, Single NFS/CIFS Presentation for All Storage Tiers

Ngenea provides a simple point-and-click mechanism for accessing data anywhere in the storage estate directly on users’ desktops, regardless of the operating system in use.

Policy-based Data Management

Ngenea automatically and seamlessly moves data from primary storage to nearly any other storage type using structured data management policies based on metrics such as access time, high-capacity water marks and owner.

Data Analytics and Metadata Extraction

Analytics and automated metadata extraction capabilities allow you to obtain valuable insights into the usage and contents of your data.

Power Search Capabilities with a Simple Interface

A simple web-based search interface for users and collaborators that removes the complexities of finding and identifying valuable research and data.

Integrates with both On-premise and Remotely Hosted Storage

Ties all of your existing storage hardware, NAS files and object buckets into a single virtualised pool with support for nearly any object or file storage system.

Intelligent Data Caching

Automatically caches frequently-accessed data onto primary storage from both remote and local resources for the fastest possible performance.


  • PixStor as Primary Tier
  • NetApp Storage Grid, HGST Active Archive, CleverSafe, EMC ECS, Ceph and Swift Object Storage
  • Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage
  • NFS-based storage shares, including EMC Isilon, Nexenta and NetApp FAS
  • SMB, NFS, FTP and PixStor Native Client front-end
ngenea hsm for pixstor

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