ERA Cloud Services

ERA Cloud

  • Visualise, template and automate
  • Modernise App Infrastructure with Multi-Cloud and Multi-Platform Integration
  • Get a consolidated view of your On-Premise and Cloud environments
  • With support for bare metal, multiple hypervisor and container orchestration across a huge number of public and private clouds

ERA Cloud – featuring rich functionality allowing your organisation to:

  • Gain visibility of your on-premise, private and public cloud environments
  • Deliver IT resources to any environment faster to your customers and end users
  • Get insights into, managing and controlling public cloud costs
  • Accelerate developer workflow with industry leading integrations
  • Create predictable control to enforce governance and enable auditing
  • Uncover intelligence on usage, utilisation and costs of current infrastructure
  • Role based policy control governing feature functionality access
  • Deploy leading software and personalised image stacks through the ERA library
  • Be charged the same way you buy resources in the cloud – per instance, per month

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