Infrastructure as a Service

Hosted ‘cloud’ solution designed to meet your needs — from one workstation to a complete global infrastructure to support hundreds or thousands of users. IaaS gives you access to the full suite of ERA’s on-demand services and is delivered at a fixed monthly cost to provide predictable cost control with no hidden charges.

Remote workstations

Virtual workspaces for users to access applications and resources anytime, anywhere. We offer a range of workstations — available on a monthly subscription either as a committed or on-demand service — with varying specifications and price points to meet the needs of different creative users and applications.


Adaptive, cost-effective storage solutions for demanding content projects. ERA storage solutions are designed to meet the most demanding creative workflows — both ‘object’ and ‘block’ production storage solutions are available as a service or on demand, with predictable and highly cost-effective pricing.

Render burst

High-performance compute for even the most challenging render requirements. We understand that VFX studios often need additional render bursts during specific stages of a project, which is why the ERA render units are delivered on an on-demand burst basis — with a fast turnaround and a fixed, competitive price point.


Take the pain out of complex data management with IT support at your fingertips. We understand the difficulties of managing large files and maintaining productivity in the media sector, so our mission is to make the complex simple by providing the solutions and support you need to deliver your projects on time.

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