COEUS is a managed digital archive that is device-independent, future-proof and fully secure. This intuitive cloud-based solution helps broadcast companies, post-production facilities, VFX houses, and media content producers achieve a common goal: ensuring content is safe and instantly available.

Unlock productivity with intelligent media management

COEUS combines the flexibility and agility that media enterprises need with practical deployment.

It provides short and long-term storage, management and protection of media files. By enabling easy access for uploading, viewing, repurposing and retrieving media content, it helps organise and securely store ever-growing high-bitrate content volumes to ensure performance.

It comprises two elements. The first is a software application — supplied and managed by ERA, a leading provider of media asset management solutions for physical and digital content. The second is object-based cloud storage or data-centre-based storage managed by ERA. Since COEUS software works seamlessly with any storage medium, the choice is yours!

Why choose COEUS?

Data security

Storing assets even as a backup in the cloud whilst a copy remains onsite prevents the loss or theft of content for extra peace of mind.

Easy deployment

Using COEUS is as easy as accessing a website or copying data to a local directory. It automatically migrates data either virtually to cloud object storage or via an onsite COEUS appliance. COEUS can even link to a local tape library to store redundant physical and cloud-based media copies.

Simple recovery

Metadata-rich search allows you to find files quickly, and a proxy viewer means you can browse and playback video assets in the archive at frame-accurate low resolution. Selected clips can be restored and downloaded at full resolution.

Controlled costs

COEUS is a service with transparent pricing and no hidden surprises. Whether deployed as an appliance onsite or as software in the cloud, simple monthly subscription plans are available — just add the amount of storage you require, sold per TB as consumed.

Intelligent media archiving

The COEUS platform is practical and affordable for media companies of any size who need content storage with easy access on demand but without the trouble of managing data infrastructure.

Curious about our COEUS solution?

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