POLUS is our answer to a high-performance network-attached storage (NAS) solution with the benefits of low cost of ownership. The solution is based on the highly robust and scalable zettabyte file system (ZFS) architecture.

Straightforward implementation

POLUS combines simple deployment with the scalability media enterprises need. The file system can scale to the current limits of the hardware and operating system, and the cache is adaptive. It will expand and contract as needed depending on demand — ideal for media companies of any size who need content storage on the go.

With POLUS, everything you need to create your project is right there in one place. ERA’s NAS solution is easy to implement into existing infrastructure, so you can get up and running straight away. All you need to do is log in to start tackling demanding projects quickly and effectively…

Why choose POLUS?

Full control

The simple-to-use web interface means you can easily manage and control the pools and file systems, in addition to managing the Samba/CIFS and NFS shares. We can also tune the POLUS storage solution to give the best fit for the environment, and the pool configuration and level of protection are customisable to the customer’s requirements.

Advanced architecture

Protect each file system with encryption and a separate user. Configure individual ZFS file systems with compression. Set limits on the amount of data that can be stored on that file system. Thanks to the way ZFS manages the storage and file system, POLUS provides services that would be optional extras in other solutions — from snapshots, snapshot cloning and replication to encryption, compression and quotas.

Easy configuration

POLUS can be configured easily for performance, storage capacity, high protection or a blend of all three depending on the requirements. For example, a high number of disks configured with stripe/mirror pool will give the best throughput, whereas the use of large capacity disks in a large pool would provide the best capacity and protection (but with slower performance). The option of single or multiple servers would provide high availability and security with replication.

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