Flexibility is crucial in today’s working environments — especially for tech-dependent industries like film, media, architecture and energy.

ERA’s fully managed remote workstations create virtual workspaces for users, providing access to the required applications and resources. This solution can be easily deployed with minimum costs and delivered on a monthly basis as needed through our on-demand services, providing the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Work anywhere with ERA

With technicians and designers increasingly expecting to be able to connect to their high-performance machines from any location, companies require a seamless remote workstation solution that ensures valuable infrastructure and resources can be accessed at all times.

ERA’s remote workstation solution can be hosted in secure data centres or onsite, with the option to be managed by ERA in either location. It enables users to ingest, backup, index, catalogue or organise data and then edit, render, manage, transcode and deliver assets anytime, anywhere and from any supported device.

Our remote workstation solution provides…

Uncompromising performance

Remote workstation capabilities that enable graphics, audio, user input and peripherals to be accessed within a corporate network or whilst away from the office can enhance user productivity and minimise downtime — creating exciting new deployment possibilities.

Seamless experience

ERA’s remote workstation solution allows users to use existing licence models for editing, VFX, animation or other graphics tools, ensuring no difference between working with a local computer and an endpoint receiving a streamed pixel representation. It also provides practical, cost-effective shared storage to accommodate secure collaborative workflows.

Technical specification

A standard editing workstation consists of four or eight core workstations.

  • M10 graphics 8 GB RAM
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SSD storage

Our remote workstation solution provides connectivity to high-performance, flexible storage at a cost per TB as needed. The storage is directly connected with high-speed links to workstations in the same rack for best performance.

Connection bandwidth is included with each workstation, but dedicated internet bandwidth can be supplied as required. There are no ingress or egress charges applied.

Workstations can be specified with higher or lower than the off-the-shelf specification in line with software requirements on request.

Longer-term commitments attract a lower pricing structure.

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