Our Storage as a Service (STaaS) solution saves on power consumption and space whilst providing almost instant scalability and the ability to utilise additional services on demand. It can be delivered in a secure data centre or hosted on your site — without the upfront capital investment of purchasing dedicated hardware.

Optimising complex storage

With our STaaS solution, you still retain all the access required to manage and support everyday operations. STaaS customers can continue holding responsibility for all day-to-day applications and user configurations.

Moving to an outsourced model can free up the time and capacity you need to better respond to client needs, manage internal resources and expand your core business. Plus, ERA assumes responsibility for secure, reliable connectivity and performance, providing access to hardware via direct dark fibre connection — all supported by a 24/7 service level agreement (SLA).

Not only does our STaaS solution help save valuable time and reduce equipment storage costs, but all hardware and software purchased can be classed as a service, not a capital asset. That means it moves storage spending from capital to operational expenditure for additional returns.

The ERA team has over 18 years of experience working in this space and can offer customers forward-thinking STaaS solutions tailored to their needs.

Through our managed STaaS solution, you can…

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