The HGM for Remote Workstations

HGM enables either remote access or on premise access to graphic intensive applications such as Edit and VFX and complex 3D modelling. Collaboration, or screen sharing, between multiple users.

As the HGM for Remote Workstations solution does all the processing, including hardware-accelerated graphics with the latest OpenGL or DirectX rendering is done on the workstation, remoting only the pixels. This allows all the benefits with regards to the benefits of the users being more flexible as to where they are located.

It enables remote access to high performance workstations or virtual workstations from various different devices including PC’s, Window tablets, thin clients and other workstations.

HGM is distinguished by its proprietary compression algorithms which allows for real-time transmission of complex 3D images and video, which traditional remote desktop protocols struggle with. This opens up the use of remote desktops and thin clients to graphics-intensive industries such as CAD, animation, Media, TV and Film.

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HGM for Remote Workstations