London, UK 14th March 2018: ERA, a leading provider of IT solutions to broadcast, media and visual computing organisations, have delivered a contract to supply a large London-based broadcaster with new infrastructure as a service (IAAS) technology to ensure capacity for future growth and to take advantage of the flexibility provided by the ERA infrastructure architecture.

The IAAS solution designed and installed by ERA includes Pixit Media’s PixStor modular architecture that allows storage, file systems and networks to be seen as a single workflow without relying on expensive and proprietary hardware. Enabling the customer to efficiently manage storage, transcode, MAM, VMware, archive, plus QC and a variety of ancillary broadcast production tools.

The broadcaster have based their entire infrastructure on the service, hosted by ERA and will replace previously hardware-based functions to provide the playout services seamlessly with unprecedented levels of connectivity, scalability and reliability.

The company’s tape archive alone consists of approximately eight petabytes, with storage comprised of several more petabytes of data and content. The migration from the old infrastructure followed by the new services going live is expected in Q2 this year.

The system is now being expanded to include the creative workflows delivering 100+ IaaS workstation to sites around Europe and the Middle East. This workstation infrastructure will run the Adobe suite of applications and will allow the ability to centralise the supporting infrastructure and secure the workflows, whilst delivering high end workstation architecture to their creatives when in the office, at home or on the move.

ERA’s IaaS  provide our clients with flexible remote infrastructure services, designed to meet exact requirements. Delivering significant savings in comparison to running a private infrastructure, making local office infrastructure design far simpler with freedom to work from anywhere providing seamless flexibility.

Sean Baker, Commercial Sales Director explained “We’re a known and respected entity in the IT world. and we have the right experience, team and skills set to help those who want to make the transition to IAAS.”

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