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With ERA as your trusted partner, our Support team is dedicated to helping you work through whatever issues come your way, from reducing system downtimes and helping to speed recovery, to making the most of your assets.

Our contract support plans enable you to protect your investment, your delivery and productivity, no matter what, so you can complete critical projects on time. ERA can help to keep your systems running smoothly through times of system expansion, system health checks or by system monitoring and fast issue resolution. ERA support can help avert downtime and minimise risk with the use of industry best practice and proven, workable solutions.

With our media specialisation we are able to offer support 24x7x365 and with SLA’s to support some of the most stringent broadcast requirements such as at Red Bee Media where iPlayer infrastructure is supported full time.

ERA can offer support and maintenance contracts on systems even where we did not provide the original solution and infrastructure and this is a major benefit to our customers. Our engineers are trained and qualified in all the solutions we supply and have senior qualifications with Cisco, EMC, Adobe, Pixit, MXFserver, Mellanox and many more.

“At Red Bee Media ERA provide full time support for their iPlayer infrastructure 24/7/365. This type of contract is mission critical where monitoring and regular health checks are a high priority.”
Red Bee Media

“We always receive first class service from the team at ERA and they are always willing to go the extra mile to provide timely response and resolution to all our critical support incidents.”
Deluxe 142

ERA Customisable Service Levels

Adjust service levels or add and delete equipment from your IT Maintenance Services contract at any time.

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It has become apparent that rethinking maintenance options is the way to go and the analysts agree that Third Party Maintenance is a smart mainstream decision.

“Enterprise customers have made it very clear they will utilise third-party maintainers and not just for cost savings. The easy-to-do-business aspect they have eluded to in the survey is surely a compelling differentiator.”

(IDC: Third-Party Maintainers and the Enterprise Datacenter: Still Gaining Ground [Doc # 258887].)



“Don’t Ignore the Trend Toward Third-Party Maintenance Options for Hardware Support: As our clients look at various ways to optimise their IT cost structure, increasingly, third-party maintenance options for hardware support seems like a no-brainer.”



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