ERA will be supporting The Future of Media Conference 2014 on 10 July to be held at the University of Salford, MCUK alongside The Institute of Telecommunications Professionals and others.

The Future of Media Conference 2014 will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and debate the changing face of UK local,regional and national media. Experts from the sector will provide a detailed exposition and lively critical examination of leading edge issues in digital media and their potential consequences in a raft of areas, such as technology, content sourcing, production, narrowband broadcasting, and evolving relationships with audiences and consumers.

The UK’s creative industries are a real success story. They are worth more than £36 billion a year; they generate £70,000 every minute for the UK economy; and they employ 1.5 million people in the UK.  For those in media, the rise of digital platforms is sure to present the greatest challenge as consumers transition online. This event will bring key stakeholders together from across the media landscape.

Key points addressed on the day will include:

  • What is current and likely forthcoming in the future UK media landscape?
  • Supporting the growth of digital radio services and infrastructure leading to a decision on a radio switchover
  • Creating a local TV framework so that local TV services can be set up across the UK
  • Making sure that there is a plurality (or mix) of media owners
  • The benefits of sharing new technology and networks across the industry
  • Ensuring that media and technology are accessible to the widest range of people, including by encouraging the use of subtitles, and by hosting the e-Accessibility forum
  • Looking to mobile for future growth
  • Keeping pace with smart technology in order to deliver the requirements of a “smarter” consumer
  • Will there always be a place for traditional broadcasting?
  • Characterising success through the quality of content
  • Multiplying the number of broadcast platforms through digital technology
  • Enabling content in the digital age
  • Blurring the boundaries between technology and broadcasting
  • Understanding the implementation and monetisation of content
  • Unveiling opportunities to engage audiences and raise revenues through online platforms

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