Thank you all for visiting ERA at BVE 2014 and we hope you enjoyed the event!

The show was a continued success and there were over 15,000 visitors over the course of the three days. Seems the industry has embraced the venue and people are staying longer – and visiting adjoining shows.

Our particular thanks go to the good people from our partners:

Avere Systems – our main show sponsor – who are basking in the golden Oscar Visual Effects glory of ‘Gravity’ where Framestore chose Avere’s Edge filers to manage the massive rendering and storage performance requirements. Congratulations to all involved!

PulsarQC – who are in the right place at the right time! With the new DPP directives many broadcasters have mandated production & post-production houses to supply their content in form of files, duly checked with a file-based QC system. They will need a QC report for content delivered and the deadline for implementing this is October 1st 2014.

Adobe Anywhere is the latest development in the evolution of editing – the Adobe theatre was very well attended as always….standing room only!

And in the mixed editing environment MXFserver is the software only total solution for film, broadcast and post-production.  It gives editors the freedom to open projects in different editing systems simultaneously. MXFserver works with your non-proprietary state of the art storage of choice.

What’s behind the increasing adoption of LTO? Vendors say the LTFS format, introduced in 2010, has been a driver. “Previous generations of LTO were typically written to in tar format,” explains Doug Hynes of StorageDNA, which just launched a self-contained Mac-based version of its DNA Evolution platform for nearline and archival use of LTO tape. “Applications couldn’t see the files on the tape, so you didn’t have accessibility. But we’re taking full advantage of LTFS with DNA Evolution.” Hynes notes that, because LTFS makes tapes act like disks, LTO can be treated like a nearline storage medium. “Typically people used tapes for their deep archives. They really never anticipated getting that material back, and if they did, they expected it was going to take a really long time. But people are using our solution day in and day out, moving off of spinning disk to save capacity and space, then bringing them back when they need to quickly and easily.”

And thanks to ERA’s own Tim Burton who stepped into the breach at short notice for the ‘Storage and archiving in the cloud – where are the opportunities to deploy greater scalability and can we overcome concerns over reliability and security?’  panel on Thursday in the Broadcast IT Theatre.  Tim joined a lively debate on cloud technology and industry acceptance.

See Tim of ERA here and Chick McGregor of Avere Systems here – both talking on the ERA stand at BVE 2014.

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