COEUS Intelligent Media Archiving

Broadcast, post production facilities, VFX houses and media content producers all face the same pressure. How to keep content safe at the same time as being instantly available for existing jobs and future projects?

With the volume of acquired content rising in ever higher bitrate formats, and with demand for repurposing ever more acute, being smart with media management can unlock productivity. Even if the master document is not on a local server network but in the cloud, the time and cost to find and transfer tens or possibly hundreds of gigabytes of data can be a complete block on performance.

There is a better way

Namely, an intuitive cloud-based service for short and long-term storage, management and protection of media content. COEUS is a managed digital content library that is device independent, future proof and fully secure. It enables ease of access for uploading, viewing, repurposing and retrieval of all your media content.

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  • Fast upload and download of large media files
  • Intuitive user interface for easy access to stored media content
  • Advanced search capability
  • Frame accurate media browsing
  • Partial restore capabilities for media content (subject to media format)
  • Prioritisation of archive and restore tasks, with intelligent content queue management
  • Configuration options for content groups and categories
  • Integrity verification & checksums
  • Comprehensive audit trail of all archives and restores, with support for a high level of management reporting on archived content usage


  • Secure storage for media content
  • Easy access to media content at any time, from anywhere
  • View the content before downloading
  • Cost effective subscription price plans
  • Efficiently manage your media content

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COEUS is both software and a service

COEUS comprises two elements. The first is a software application, supplied and managed by ERA and written by TMD, a leading provider of media asset management solutions for physical and digital content. The second is object-based cloud storage such as those provided by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Alibaba Cloud or, alternatively, UK data centre based storage managed by ERA. Since COEUS software works seamlessly with any storage medium, the choice is yours.

Data secure

One of the primary reasons to store valuable media assets in the cloud is to prevent loss or theft of content. Storing assets even as back-up in the cloud while a copy remains on-site secures peace of mind.

Simple to deploy

COEUS combines the flexibility and agility that media enterprises need with practical deployment. COEUS runs virtually in the cloud and media automatically migrates to cloud object storage. Alternatively, data can be cached to a COEUS appliance located on-site and automatically migrated to the cloud. COEUS can even be linked to a local tape library for redundant copies of physical and cloud-based media. Either way, using COEUS is as easy as accessing a website or copying data to a local directory.

Simple to recover

Once migrated to the cloud, content is extremely easy to retrieve. Metadata rich search allows you to quickly find files. A proxy viewer means you can browse and playback video assets in the archive at frame-accurate low resolution. Selected clips can be restored and downloaded at full resolution.

Costs controlled

Most importantly the cost structure is designed for media users. COEUS is a service with transparent pricing and no hidden surprises. Whether deployed as an appliance on site or as software in the cloud there are simple monthly subscription plans available. Just add the amount of storage you require, sold per TB as consumed, you choose the solution that works for you.

Intelligent media archiving

COEUS is practical and affordable for media companies of any size who need content storage near at hand with easy access but without the trouble of managing data infrastructure.

Example of the COEUS User Interface

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