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Seagate Technology crafts the datasphere, helping to maximize humanity’s potential by innovating world-class, precision-engineered data management solutions with a focus on sustainable partnerships.

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ERA are a platinum partner for Seagate Technology enabling us to work directly with Seagate’s enterprise division with full access to new developments, support and training.  With Seagate we have the ability to build high-capacity SSD or SAS storage systems that are high density and high performance enabling clients to handle extreme data growth.

Cost-Effective Design

Seagate Expansion Shelves & JBOD systems are a great way to optimise your data storage costs while saving space.

Made to Scale

The Seagate Expansion Shelves & JBOD systems enable you to build exabyte-scale data centres with high-capacity hard drives.

Flexible and Frictionless

Enterprise-grade design has features for any size company to manage cables, universal ports, self-configuration controls, and swappable PSUs with ease.

Access Without Effort

Stress-free design means all drive carriers require zero tools to swap controllers, PSUs, fan modules, drives and expander cards.

Seagate Technology Exos X 5U84 (system)
Seagate Exos AP4U100

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