Tiger Technology

Cloud Integrated Workflows

Software-Defined Data Management designed for scale, performance and flexibility

Tiger Technology Spaces

Manage Users & Projects with Virtual Workspaces


Tiger Technology Store

High-Speed File System Sharing for Mac, Linux & Windows Clients

Tiger Technology Pool

Combine Multiple Storage Islands into a Unified Volume

Tiger Technology Bridge

Seamlessly Extend Local Storage to DAS, NAS, Tape and Cloud

The industry is moving towards cloud at an accelerated pace and Tiger Technology provides the ideal solution to facilitate this migration. Our latest innovations for demanding storage workflows are used by forward-thinking industry professionals globally to collaborate on-premises and in the cloud.

Designed for Scale, Performance and Flexibility

When working on 2K, 4K, IMF, HDR and 8K, content creators are turning to Tiger Technology to create, share, manage and distribute, leveraging local performance and the value of the cloud.

Tiger’s Software-Defined Data Management solutions are designed for Scale, Performance and Flexibility. From high-speed file system sharing to seamless cloud and tape library integration, all the way to Avid bin locking emulation and project management, Tiger offers innovative solutions for solving complex storage workflow problems.

  • High-Speed File Sharing

  • Workflow Management

  • Remote Collaboration

  • Single Namespace

Available as Software Only or Fully Integrated Appliances

Tiger Technology
Tiger Technology - appliance 1
Tiger Technology Spaces

Tiger Spaces is the Virtual Workspace Management module. Tiger Spaces gives the ability to create, assign and manage virtual project workspaces. Facilities gain the freedom to move projects and assets across a mix of heterogenous storage solutions, while preserving users’ mount points and data paths intact. Tiger Spaces also supports Avid Bin Locking (optional).

Tiger Technology Store

Tiger Store is the High-Speed File System Sharing module. Tiger Store provides the rock-solid and scalable foundation needed for the most demanding 4K and 8K workflows. It ensures the smoothest SAN/LAN cross-platform collaboration with failover capability, directory change notification, automatic defragmentation and image file sequence alignment for performance-oriented colour grading.

Tiger Technology Pool

Tiger Pool is the Virtual Volume Set Management module. Tiger Pool aggregates multiple volumes in a non-destructive way to perform live storage expansion or decommission ageing hardware without incurring downtime.

Tiger Technology Bridge

Tiger Bridge is the HSM Tiering & Synchronization module. Tiger Bridge extends the file system seamlessly to store, archive and retrieve data to/from disk, cloud, or LTO tapes so content is always at the right place, at the right time. Its geo replication feature makes true remote collaboration a reality.

A Proven Solution for Managing, Sharing, Migrating and Archiving Projects in a Cloud Integrated Workflows

Gets The Job Done
  • Provides scalable performance to SAN/LAN clients
  • Ensures smooth cross-platform collaboration (Win, Linux, Mac)
  • Delivers rock-solid playback for 4K and 8K workflows
Improves User Experience
  • Quickly updates clients with any directory/file change
  • Performs Automatic Defrag and Image File Sequence alignment
  • Provides seamless failover for high-availability
Facilitates Storage Management
  • Aggregates multiple storage volumes in a single namespace
  • Enables live capacity expansion of production volume
  • Facilitates decommissioning of aging storage resources
Integrates Easily Into Existing Infrastructures
  • Extends the life of existing storage infrastructures
  • Works with all popular content creation applications
  • Keeps data accessible & transportable (NTFS/LTFS)
Manages Teams and Projects More Efficiently
  • Allows creating, assigning and managing virtual workspaces
  • Provides control, visibility, and monitoring of user access
  • Adjusts capacity quotas per project dynamically (+ or -)
Provides Air-Tight Security
  • Supports native Active Directory / ACL
  • Eliminates tamper points with memory-based encryption
  • Uses secure SSL/TSL transfers
Tiers Petabytes of Data
  • Replicates new/modified files to cloud, tape or DAS/NAS
  • Frees up space locally by turning stale data into stub files
  • Retrieves data automatically when stub files are being accessed
Expands Possibilities
  • Limits the amount of high-speed storage required for production
  • Leverages cost effective storage tiers for nearline and archive
  • Optimises data placement with simple lifecycle policies

 “Tiger Bridge maintains fast and transparent access to over 1.2 million multi-bitrate video files already migrated to the cloud, making them accessible for our editors with the library management software they were already using locally. “

Temesi Tibor, NAVA (National Audiovisual Archive of Hungary)

About Tiger Technology

Tiger Technology has been developing software and designing high-performance, secure, data management solutions for companies in Enterprise IT, Surveillance, Media and Entertainment, and SMB/SME markets since 2004. It was identified by the Endeavour group as one of the foremost cloud technology providers on the market today. Customers are using Tiger solutions in over 120 countries. Tiger’s software portfolio consists of high-speed NAS/SAN file system sharing, virtual volume set and virtual project workspace management in addition to HSM tiering and synchronisation solutions. Tiger Technology enables organisations of any size and scale to manage their digital assets on premise, public cloud, or a hybrid model.

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